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What In The World Is Going On In The United States of America???

Are We Being Played?


Our Nation has become the victim of Ideological Subversion. 

This has been going on for years and was started by the Soviet Union and is now being taken over, or joined by power centers worldwide promoting the One World Agenda.  These power centers want to turn the United States of American into a Marxist style Communistic Socialism, eradicating our Constitution, Democracy, Freedom, Liberty and Economy.  Taking away our liberty and freedom for which this nation was founded and will ultimately put us under a ruthless dictatorship making us a nation of oppressed slaves.

They have taken over our schools, media, churches and communities pitting us against each other.

They have infiltrated all three branches of government at the highest levels.

What can we do to combat and stop this cancer?

Recognize it for what it is, call it out, and take a stand against it!

We must clean our national house starting with Washington D.C., hold our ground, and demand our country back.

What is Ideological Subversion, how do we recognize it and how do we fight it?

See the links below In which Yuri Benzmenov/Thomas Schuman, a KGB agent defector discusses the topic:

The Marxist Ideological Subversion of America - Synopsis

The Marxist Ideological Subversion of America In Detail

As your President, I promise to eradicate this cancer from our country and return us to the nation we were established to be upholding our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

My word is my bond.

To accomplish this, America needs every American Patriot, including the approximately 80 Million Baby Boomers who know how America used to be -   strong, courageous, patriotic, ethical, moral, Godly men and women - to answer the call and stand up and defend our nation against this heinous subversion.  Never give up on America, she may have taken a direct hit but she is not out of the fight.

I need the support and assistance of every American Patriot in accomplishing this task.

I cannot do it alone.