Below are my answers to the questions asked of the Presidential Candidates during the RNC Debate in Miami FL on November 8, 2023

Hosted by NBC News

Lester Holt
Kristen Welker
Hugh Hewitt

Question 1)
Lester Holt -

Speak to Republican voters who are supporting Donald Trump. Why should you and not him be the Republican nominee to face Joe Biden a year from now?

I am the candidate of the people and for the people. I am from Main Street America. I have seen my fellow Americans struggling to make a living and get ahead in this country only to be pushed down by an ever growing  Big Brother Government.  One who has no regard for how their wanton spending crushes the very life blood out of every day Americans through ever increasing taxes and high prices for food, gasoline, and housing.

I have worked along side these Americans.  Watched them strike for better pay while eating beans and cornbread the unions give them.  I have taught poor children in rural schools whose home-life was so bad they were found sleeping on the busses, eating school breakfasts and lunches as their only meals, because they did not want to go home.  I have taught along side teachers whose great compassion for these poor children knew no bounds. These children came to school so filthy and smelling so bad, the other children would not play with them. These teacher bought school clothes with their own money, bathed them before school in the gym showers, who had no hot water, dressed them in the clothes they bought so they were clean and the other children would play with them. At the end of the day, these women changed the little ones back into their filthy rags so their parents would not confiscate the new clothes.  The next morning the ladies would repeat the process.

I have seen my neighbors, farmers and ranchers join together in old dilapidated fire trucks, all  their township could afford, to fight fires racing across the prairies whipped up by the winds. Fighting the fires that threatened their homes, livestock and crops. I have seen these same friends and neighbors get out in blizzards with 40 below zero, gale force winds to take feed and hay to their livestock for weeks at a time.

I have driven across this country seeing American flags flying, and crosses gleaming, on homes and throughout small towns displaying American's love and belief in this nation and everything she stands for. I have seen signs displaying Americans discontent with politicians in Washington DC.  Most Americans would just like the Federal Government to get out of their lives and just leave them alone.  We are proud and independent and don't want Big Brother invading our privacy and trying to tell us what to think, how to live, and what to do.

I have  been to Washington DC and worked with various agencies and departments in the Federal Government including our military. Working alongside good, honest, honorable people working hard on behalf of this nation. I have seen corrupt politicians who once in office live like parasites.  Incompetent and corrupt, sucking the lifeblood out of this nation.  Making laws for themselves which are not the same as those for Main Street Americans.

I have worked with foreign governments on behalf of this nation and watched their respect for our nation decline as our "leadership" becomes increasingly demanding, immoral and unethical...increasingly incompetent, lying and deceiving at every turn.

I know the hardships Main Street Americans are facing because I am one of them. I know this nation and what she stands for because I am part of it. I know the American people and what they want and  need. I am the candidate who can turn this country around and instill the leadership, integrity and a better quality of life for her people.  I can return her to the Nation she was designed to and democratic.  A beacon of hope and light for the rest of the world.  A God respecting nation who is governed by the people and for the people, adhering to the original intent of our Constitution. A nation  in which all Americans are free from oppression by the government. A nation free of corruption, with a ethical legal system. A nation in which all citizens have equal opportunity to succeed and achieve their hopes and dreams.

Question 2)
Lester Holt -
The Israel Hamas war is barely a month old. Tonight, Israeli troops are fighting inside Gaza City with over 200 hostages who remain captive there and civilian casualties mount inside Gaza.
As President of the United States, what would you be urging Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do at this moment?
I would encourage Mr. Netanyahu on his leadership abilities and the strength and resolve of the Israeli nation to do what is right and honorable. I would encourage him to lead his nation, not in anger or revenge, but in the planned methodical march through Gaza to clean out Hamas terrorist who shout death to Jews and death to Americans.

I would encourage him to remember we are all God’s creation, brothers and sisters, with the same original parents and all people are valuable in God’s sight.

I would encourage him to be merciful to the people of Gaza who are caught in the cross fire of this conflict. I would remind him that Hamas is using the people of Gaza as human shields and deceiving them with their extremist propaganda.

I would encourage him to allow the people of Gaza to move out of the line of fire and provide humanitarian aide to them. I would encourage him to pray for not only Israel but also the people of Gaza that God’s will be done in their lives and in their nation.

I would ask him to pray for Hamas, and all Muslim people that God will show them truth about their beliefs and that His will is done in their lives.

I would also assure Mr. Netanyahu that the United States of America stands with Israel.

Question 3)
Matthew Brooks, the CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition -
Given attacks by Iranian backed proxy groups on US military bases in Syria and Iraq, attacks that have wounded approximately two dozen of our US servicemen.
Do you support the use of military force by the United States against Iran?
The United States of America is a nation of peace. We do not seek war.

In the attacks you refer to, I as President, will ensure our military has what it needs to defend and respond to these attacks. Our adversaries are using these harassing tactics to test how far they can go and how we will respond.

We will respond to these attacks and their capabilities as we determine appropriate at that time.

America possesses incredible military power and destructive capability. With this power comes the very grave responsibility to never use this power out of anger but only in defense of our nation and our allies. We are aware of everything our adversaries say and do, their goals, and what they stand for. We are neither blind nor deaf and we will respond to aggression as required.

The United States of America desires peace and coexistence in a world that has many cultures, beliefs, values, wants, needs, and goals. Many of our global neighbors also want peace and coexistence. Others want to see a one world government under their control and authority making all of mankind adopt their beliefs and dictatorship or be wiped from the face of the earth.

We prefer peace, freedom and independence for all mankind however will not back away from, nor tolerate, anyone or nation who has a one world dictatorship as their objective.

Question 4)
Matthew Brooks, the CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition -
Jewish students across the country are threatened and under attack.
a) What do you say to Jewish students on college campuses who feel unsafe given the dramatic rise in antisemitism?
Antisemitism as well as discrimination of any kind is not tolerated in America.

Our nation has laws in place to prosecute any person or such activity who embraces such views. Legal action will be taken against anyone, any group who endorses, promotes, or participates in antisemitic, bigoted, discriminatory, racist, sexist, etc. activities.

b)What do you to say to university presidents and college presidents who have not met the moral clarity moment to forcefully condemn Hamas terrorism?
Answer b: They had better reach their moral clarity moment pretty fast or they will be held legally accountable for any such activity on their campus.

Question 5)
Lester Holt -
A 6-year-old Palestinian American boy was killed in Illinois by his landlord. His mother was also stabbed more than a dozen times in what has been charged as a hate crime.
a) What do you say to Muslim Americans who are also feeling afraid for their safety, right now?
Answer: My position of zero tolerance for prejudices against people groups includes Muslims as well as Jews. This country does not tolerate hatred and discrimination against any person or group of people and legal action will be taken for those who violate our laws.

Kristen Welker - Question 6)
The United States has given Ukraine financial and military support since the war began more than 600 days ago. President Zelensky told me on Sunday, if Russia isn’t stopped now, “The price will be higher for the United States,” and Americans would be forced to “send your sons and daughters to defend NATO countries.”
a) As a Presidential Candidate where do you stand on more funding for Ukraine?
Answer: I am in agreement to assist Ukraine financially. Financial assistance needs to be allocated for a specific designated use, that has strict accounting and is regularly audited to ensure it is being used as intended.
b) How long should Americans be expected to help fund the war in Ukraine?
Answer: Until Ukraine regains their original borders or no longer requests our support.
c) Are you concerned that this could become a wider war if Putin is not stopped now?
Answer: Yes

Question 7)
Hugh Hewitt -
Many Republicans believe that the Chinese Communist Party and General Secretary Xi is an existential threat to the United States. The flashpoint is Taiwan. For decades and decades, the American military, but primarily the United States Navy has deterred an attack from China to the island state of Taiwan, that Ronald Reagan’s navy of 600 ships is gone. President Trump’s goal was a 355 ship Navy. That’s what he pushed for. He got to 300, it’s now at 291.
a) Is that big enough to deter and if necessary, defeat an invasion of Taiwan?
Answer: It is not the quantity but the capability each possesses that determines the physical number.

b) My question is specifically about the Navy. It’s at 291. It’s going to go down perhaps as low as 280. Is it enough?

Answer: Again, it is not the quantity but the capability each possesses that would determine the physical number.

c) What would you build if you were going to build more?
Answer: That would depend on what systems and capability were required to counter the threats.

d) Where  would you build them, where are we going to get the money and what would you build and what kind of ships to deter China from attacking Taiwan?
Answer: They would be built in the United States of America, planned for and paid for out of our defense budget. The type of ships built would depend on the capability required to counter the threats.

g) When would they be in the water?
Answer: Four years after contract signature.

h) How big would the fleet get?
Answer: As large as is required to meet and defeat the threats.

Question 8)
Hugh Hewitt -
Last week, Congressman Mike Gallagher, who is chairman of the House Bipartisan Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, published a long essay on TikTok following the flooding of pro Hamas propaganda under TikToc accounts across the United States. Chairman Gallagher called it, “Shocking.” He called the app, “Predatory, controlled by America’s preeminent adversary, one used to push propaganda and divide America, its spyware,” he said, “A means of surveillance.”
a) Do you agree with Chairman Gallagher? And if so, would you ban or force the sale of TikToc?

Answer: Yes, I agree with Representative Gallagher on all points.
As Mr Gallagher stated, TikTok is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and is using Ideological Subversive tactics promoted on the TikTok application to brainwash Americans across our country. Russia has also attacked our nation using Ideological Subversion tactics which has spelled out in detail by the Soviet Union defector, Tomas Schuman, based on his first hand knowledge of those tactics. See the links below for more information.

b) Would you ban or force the sale of TikTok regardless of whether or not China allowed American apps to operate in China?
Answer: Yes.

Question 9)

Kristen Welker -
We’re now going to talk about Venezuela, where millions have fled political and economic turmoil. Many Venezuelan immigrants are settling right here in Florida. Former President Trump and President Biden have taken different approaches to Nicolas Maduro’s regime with little result. Former President Trump put economic pressure on Venezuela and backed one of Maduro’s rivals. President Biden temporarily eased sanctions to encourage electoral reforms.
a)Do you see the political situation in Venezuela as a threat to the United States and what would your approach be?
Answer: The situation in Venezuela, and any country in this situation, is a potential threat to global stability and therefore is a potential threat to the United States of America.  They have a newly elected leader so my policy as US President would be to wait and see if there were successful reforms to improve their economy and political situation.

b)Would you reimpose the sanctions?
Answer: It would depend on the policies of their new administration.

Question 10)

Lester Holt -
On the Economy- An Iowa voter recently told NBC news, “How am I going to make sure my pantry is stocked without breaking the bank?” You’ve all said the best way to deal with rising prices is to cut government spending, but that would take time to play out and Americans are struggling right now.
a) What would you do the moment you take office to help Americans manage the cost of living? So we’re talking about short-term here.
b)The idea of pumping gas, of turning on pipelines, that doesn’t make gas cheaper that day. I’m talking about you become president, what can you do specifically to help people feel better about their situation or be better with their situation?
c)Specific examples of ways that would put people on a better economic footing right away. Ways that you can improve people’s financial condition in the short term?

Answer: I, as a Main Street American, have lived through multiple recessions and my parents lived through the great depression and the dust bowl. Therefore I have learned lessons first hand as well as those passed down by my parents, to get through recessions and depressions and these I will now provide to those who have never had to deal with economic hard times. Following are what Americans can do, starting right now, to get through these increasingly hard times. These may sound odd, especially to those living in big cities, but they are tried and true and work.

1) Everyone is in the same boat so you are not alone and have lots of company. The difference is how you look at it and determine how you will get through it.

2) We Americans can either crawl in a corner and suck our thumbs or get busy and take control of our situation and not only get through it but come out ahead on the other side using our own American ingenuity.

3) If food prices are high look for alternatives to find what you need. Buy from the local farmers and farmers markets to find such things as fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, and meat. If bread prices are too high, bake your own bread. You can look in your local papers and find a quarter, half, whole beef, hog or chicken to buy that has been locally slaughtered, processed and packaged and is sold at much cheaper prices than the grocery store. If a quarter is too much for your freezer, get with your neighbors & friends and buy it together and split it up.

If you have room, plant a garden. If you have only a patio, you can still raise many fruits and vegetables in that small space. Anything to cut your food cost and put food on the table.

Get a fishing pole and go fishing in your local city, county and state lakes and ponds. Encourage your city, county and state to stock those bodies of water for free fishing. The taxes you pay should be more than enough to cover the cost of stocking them with fish.

Stretch your food budget by fixing casseroles to extend meals over several days. Eat left overs and freeze what you don’t consume and use it for meals in the future. If necessary go to meatless meals and substitute protein with beans and other types of high protein substitute foods. You can also go to meatless meals several times a week to extend your food budget.

If the situation gets really dire, trade with your friends and neighbors to get what you need. A bag of potatoes for a bushel of peaches. Trade firewood to a plumber who needs firewood in exchange for fixing your sink, etc.

If the cost of gasoline at the pump is high, get with friends and neighbors and as a group get a bulk fuel tank and fill it from your local fuel carrier. Bulk fuel typically comes at a price discount and enables you to weather the storm of fluctuating prices and consistently have fuel available. Walk, or ride a bicycle, or carpool with coworkers and neighbors when possible to save on fuel costs.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room to save electricity. Turn off the water faucet when you are not using water to save water costs. Layer your clothes to keep warm when the indoor thermostat is set lower to save on heating costs.

If you lose your job, take advantage of your unemployment benefits and look for another job. If there are none, become an entrepreneur making/providing what others need and you can provide. If your company implodes and you are left unpaid for the work you performed, file for lost wages to recover what is owed you.

We are Americans and I am sure if you set your mind to it you can come up with many more ideas to weather this upcoming storm until we are able to reinvigorate our nation’s free market capitalism with fair price discovery rather than use the Socialist Modern Monetary Theory system our current government is using where the belief is “debt doesn’t matter”.   ….But,  as we can all now see, is not the case.

Question 11)

Kristen Welker -
Americans could see their Social Security benefits drastically cut in the next decade because the program is running out of money. Former President Trump has said quote, “Under no circumstances should Republicans cut entitlements.”
a) It has been proposed raising the retirement age for younger Americans. What would that age be specifically and would you consider making any other reforms to Social Security?
Answer:  I would not raise the retirement age as it would be ineffectual in solving this problem.

Those who devised this system probably thought that what was happening then would continue to happen. That was... lots of children being born into the baby boom era without the foresight to realize the next generation would have drastically fewer live births due to family preferences and the astronomical increase in deliberate abortions.

The bottom line is Social Security is unsustainable and will run out of money. There is no viable solution at this time for the problems this current system is facing in future years. A new plan needs to be developed taking into consideration the needs of our current aging population who are unable to work as well as the future generations who will eventually reach retirement age and leave the workforce. This plan will be developed and implement once I am in office and will not leave the current Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid recipients without support.

b)What are you looking at to keep Social Security sustainable?
Answer: The current system is not sustainable. It will either be revised or replaced during my term in office.

c) Would you raise the retirement age?

Answer: No. Not everyone who reaches the age of 65 is able to continue working. Even if we raised the retirement age beyond 65 immediately, it would not be enough at solve the problem. There are not enough Americans now or in the future entering the workforce to solve the Social Security problem in its present form.

Question 12)
Hugh Hewitt -
Tens of thousands of Americans families have suffered a death to fentanyl. Young people sometimes die taking one pill.
a) What can you do as Commander in Chief on the first day to stop fentanyl and the waterfall of it into this country?
Shut the US borders per our immigration policies as discusses my answers to Questions #11, 12, & 13 in the RNC Debate #1. Anyone found with illegal drugs or substance would have legal action taken against them including the death penalty for drug cartel leaders, agents, terrorist, etc.

b) Initiate a nation-wide educational program for all Americans regarding the dangers and penalties of illegal drugs and their addictive and deadly consequence on anyone who takes them as well as the deadly legal consequences to anyone providing them.

b) 90% of the fentanyl that is seized in the United States is seized at ports of entry. We don’t know what’s coming in across the open southern border.
Can stopping fentanyl from coming into this country really be done quickly?

Answer: Yes, stopping fentanyl coming into this country can be done quickly and will be done under my administration.  

b) What would you do as president?


As President, I will respect our border countries sovereignty and work with them to collaborate and eliminate illegal entry of anyone or anything into our country.  I will ensure our border states, their designated authorized personnel and our nationally authorized agents, including our port authorities, Border Patrol, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers and agriculture specialists, Air and Marine Operations agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents and Enforcement and Removal Operations,  etc. are appropriately manned, funded and have the tools and equipment they require to implement a concerted plan to stop all unauthorized  entry entering our nation.

c) Regarding using United States special forces to attack the cartels where they manufacture the chemicals that come from China. How often, how many, what does that look like?

I would not authorize our special forces to enter a border country. I would, however, authorize lethal force to stop any of those agents and their products from entering our country and remove those agents currently residing in our country and prosecute them as terrorist.

Question 13)

Kristen Welker -
Let’s talk now about last night’s election results. Abortion rights supporters saw victories in Ohio and Virginia following earlier wins in states like Kansas and Kentucky.
a) How do you see the path forward for Republicans on this issue?
Answer: There is no path forward for any party until Americans come to grips with the hard truth about abortion and its consequences on Americans and our nation.

Republicans are as divided on this issue as many as the voters in these states. This division exists because Americans do not see a fetus as a living human baby growing in its mothers womb. They have zero compassion for this fetus who is totally helpless and unable to speak or be part of the decision on whether it lives or dies.

The majority of women who have the fetus in their bodies seem concerned only with their own bodies, their own rights, their own wants, their own needs. It is all about them. No one else. Additionally, the men who impregnated them are just as guilty as the women and have just as much at stake. That child has their DNA in it as well, and is just as much their son or daughter as the women they impregnated.

b) Do you see this as a consensus issue?

Answer: No.
c) Would you support a 15-week federal ban and what is the path forward on this issue?

Answer: No. None.
Question 14)
Lester Holt -
I’ll ask you each to please use your closing statement to focus on any topic you didn’t have time to address and why you and not former President Trump would be the party’s best choice to tackle these important issues.
I believe I am the best candidate for President of the United States of America.

I am from Main Street America and know the people, their hardships and  the challenges they face and what they need.

I have worked with our military and our government as well as other nation's governments and military and understand the challenges each of those  face, their cultures, goals, objectives, and plans and what they desire from us as friends and allies.

I encourage the American people to consider me as their next president and support my candidacy and vote for me as your next president. 

Thank you for your consideration.