Afghanistan Evacuation

Afghanistan Evacuation:

That Marine Lt. Col. Stu Scheller had to go online to let Americans know how incompetent and unqualified the Senior Leadership is, from  President Biden, Secretary of Defense Austin,  the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the CENTCOM Combatant Commander regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal, turned frantic evacuation, is a testament to the bravery, integrity, and dedication of our military to their country.  This administration and its senior commanders have proved they were not capable of developing an executable, competent military plan for the American withdrawal in Afghanistan.

This group of individuals who devised and approved the Afghanistan withdrawal plan have proved themselves to be lacking integrity and honor as well in that they refused to admit any responsibility for the debacle.  Through their irresponsibility and incompetency they risk the lives of our troops and the reputation of the United States as a world leader.  These people should be relieved of duty and position immediately. They should be shamed by the citizens of our great nation whose sons and daughters are risking and losing their lives in Afghanistan and around the world .  These "leaders" are both unfit to lead and unfit to command. 

When a leadership crisis like this occurs at the highest level, what recourse do the troops on the ground have but to take their case to the American people?  If the leadership at the highest level is incompetent and lack integrity, what  assurance do the troops have that if they raise their concerns through the prescribed military channels anyone would have the intestinal fortitude to listen and take action, fearing that if they did so they would be relieved of duty, just as this Marine has been, due to "lack of confidence in their leaders".  If I were in this position, I would have a lack of confidence in the leadership also. 

This is a major national concern in that the integrity of our military is at stake .  This situation needs to be rectified immediately and not wait until the next Presidential election.  Our troops are sacrificing everything for their country and our freedom and deserve competent, ethical leadership who have unwavering integrity and serve their country, their office, and combatant soldiers and not their paychecks or glorified positions.  Leadership is earned. It is not a sign on the office door stating "I am a Leader".

As President I will select a Secretary of Defense who is a leader with unwavering integrity and  courage.  An individual who knows what it is like on the battlefield and is not afraid to get his boots on the ground with the troops.  He will know what victory looks like and how to obtain it.

Thank you Lt. Col. Stu Scheller for speaking out. Hang in....Help is on the way.

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