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Current Economic Crisis -Are We Being Played?

President Trump is allowing our country to be run into the ground financially

and as such is unfit to be President of The United States.

The Wall Street Banks and the Federal Reserve are Working together to Hoard the National Wealth

and drive our Nation into poverty by increasing our national debt by trillions of dollars 

and should be Shut Down Permanently.

Here are the reasons why this is true and illustrates how We The People are being Played through Ideological Subversion:


First and foremost, our Federal Government, Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banks are in direct violation of the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 10 which states:   "No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility."  

The United States should be using gold and silver and not the worthless fiat paper dollars and digital bank holdings that have nothing of intrinsic value backing them.  They are just pieces of paper and numbers in a computer.  What right does the Federal Government have to violate our U.S. constitution?  None!  We are heading for a global economic crisis the likes of which the world has never seen and all due to the fact that we have allowed our government to use this illusionary digital wealth rather than physical gold and silver, putting our nation in debt exponentially.  Debt DOES matter and its horrific increase will cripple our nation and crash the world economy.

While Russia, China, Iran and the major World Banks are increasing their gold reserves hand over fist, the U. S. is not increasing our gold reserves at all.  When the world economy finally goes off the rails, it will be the nation, or bank, with the most gold that will be able to call the shots and become the nation or bank who controls world finance and the U.S. will be under their control.  The U.S. should immediately get back on the the gold standard as our Constitution states and increase our gold reserves exponentially.


On August 13, 2020  the Federal Reserve announced they are working on a digital form of cash.  See Federal Reserve Announcement here.  CBDC is defined as Central Bank Digital Cash in paragraph 3, and their activities in developing CBDC start in paragraph 5. 

In a nutshell the  CBDC is unconstitutional per the United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 10. 

Think America!! 

This country should be all over this like a bad suit of clothes, demanding that our elected officials, the President and US Congress,  stop this activity and eliminate the Federal Reserve! 

Expunge it completely!

Why, you may ask?  What is wrong with Digital Cash?

In addition to the most serious violation... being unconstitutional... what is the problem with a Central Bank Digital Cash?  Let me ask you this...  With the Federal Reserve in existence, who currently controls the power over buying and selling?  Who controls the monetary wealth of the nation?  Is it the people or is it the Federal Reserve?  Look around you! It most certainly is not the people! It is the Federal Reserve. 

If they have power over all of your digital cash, would they be able to wipe you out financially in a heartbeat?   Yes!   They could delete all of the ones and zeros in every bank account is a split second!  Oh, they would never do that, you might say....  Look around you!  All nations are in turmoil trying to wrestle their rights and freedom from one central power!  You think the honey sweet words of these sweet old banker could not turn into a venomous dictatorship in an instant?  If you don't believe it, you are very naive.

Our founding fathers were not stupid.  They put Article 1, Section 10 in the Constitution for a reason.  It was to put wealth in the hands of the people through the use of gold and silver as money, not to put the wealth of the nation in the hands of a central bank. 

Putting the nation back on a gold standard and a free market economy rather than the Soviet Union style Central Planner economy run by the Federal Reserve will give our economy stability and the wealth of the nation back in the hands of the people not the Socialist/Communist/Dictatorship  Big Brother Government.  The soft, sweet words of the Federal Reserve...."we only want to help you" .... are nothing but lies .  If this nation continues down this path, you can kiss your liberty, and all freedom  good bye because you are embracing a future of total evil and destruction of all you hold dear.


President Trump and his advisors either have no concept of how the economy works or they are just plain crooked and  supporting the Federal Reserve (a private corporation with Wall Street Bank stockholders) and  Wall Street Banks.  These are the Banks whose CEOs should have been prosecuted after running our economy into the ground with their reckless speculation and predatory lending in 2008 forcing American taxpayers to bail them out financially with none of the money making its way back to Main Street and every day Americans. 

In  a  March 19th CNBC Article titled, "Trump says he would consider government equity stakes in companies seeking bailouts",  President Trump stated he would consider the federal government taking equity stakes in companies that receive federal bailouts due to the hardships they face in our current environment.  This action on the part of our government would ultimately convert our country into  national socialism not democracy and that is unconstitutional. 

National Socialism, is also known as German: Nationalsozialismus, Nazism, or Fascism. It  is the ideology and practices associated with the Nazi Party in Nazi Germany.  It is the far-right ideology used by Adolph Hitler that led up to World War II.  This is a violation of our US Constitution and the democracy Americans cherish.  President Trump either does not realize what his actions will lead to or he is totally corrupt .   


On March 12, 2020  in a CNBC article titled  "Fed to pump in more than $1 trillion in dramatic ramping up of market intervention amid corona virus meltdown".  This is an insane  increase in the amount of debt they are forcing on the American people without our consent.  They are pumping this into the Wall Street Banks who hoard it and do not flow it down to Main Street Americans.
Yes, there is a liquidity (cash) crisis, make no mistake, but the number one cause is not the corona virus, it is the   insanity of the Federal Reserve  pouring more fiat digital currency, American debt, into the Wall Street Banks  that we, the American people, are unable to repay.  The majority of the fiat currency the Federal Reserve is creating out of thin air with no tangible asset as its foundation  is being used to pay the interest on our ever increasing national debt and Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banks speculation in the stock market where the Federal Reserve now has their own trading desk.  The Federal Reserve is flooding the currency pool which results in the devaluation of the dollar making our incomes worth less and costs of goods and services increase in cost to cover the loss in value of the dollar.  For example one dollar should be worth 100 pennies but as of this writing it has been devalued to only 93 pennies due to the glut of digital fiat US dollars in the world economy and with a very small portion making its way to you and I on Main Street.  This is a catch-22 circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions and it will ultimately collapse our, and the world, economy.

The CNBC article also stated, "The Federal Reserve stepped into financial markets Thursday for the second day in a row and the third time this week, this time dramatically ramping up asset purchases...".   What is an "asset purchase"?  The FindLaw website definition is: "An asset purchase involves the purchase of the selling company's assets -- including facilities, vehicles, equipment, and stock or inventory."
If this is what they are doing, this means that the Federal Reserve, a private corporation with Wall Street Bank stockholders/owners is now buying and owning America's Companies and Corporations.

These actions would enable the Federal Reserve (owned by Wall Street Banks) and Federal Government  to ultimately  own all companies and therefore totally control American citizens and workers.  Dictate our working conditions, the number of hours we work, our wages.  There would be no competition, no free market, no unions to represent the worker in negotiations because they would own them all.  They would truly become the buyers and lender of last resort. This would be pure evil.  This would destroy our democracy and our freedom and therefore this fiat system and the buy out of American businesses and corporations must be stopped. 

In Addition, on April 6 in an interview on Face the Nation, Federal Reserve President James Bullard.  Bullard's position on COVID-19 was to  lay out a system where every American would be tested every day and would wear a badge with their negative result, similar to the ones people wear after they vote.  This statement from the Federal Reserve President has a definite ring of Nazi Germany, in which Hitler forced all Jews to be rounded up and forced to wear a badge identifying themselves.
This doctrine and President Bullard's view is 180 degrees contrary to what America represents and what we stand for as free, independent nation.  We Americans know that the slow, steady, unrelenting eroding away of our freedom and independence is a clear and present danger and we must stand up and fight against it. 

It is difficult for us to believe this take over of our nation could happen to us in the United States but it happened in Germany and it can certainly happen to us if we are not vigilant in protecting our freedom.  Freedom is not free.  We have sacrificed our blood in the past to protect  and guard it and we must always be on guard to protect it if we want to keep it. 

President Trump and the Federal Reserve either do not realize what these actions will lead to, meaning they lack  intelligence and insight as leaders, or they are totally corrupt and have a desire to ultimately control the American people.

Allowing our government, Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banks to continue on their present course in which they are able to manipulate the monetary system, own and control American businesses and corporations and force Americans to be tested and badged is turning our democracy into a government of national socialism, or fascism and this is ultimately ushering in the One World Order.  The One World Order is discussed in the Bible in the book of Revelation and comes complete with the Antichrist, which is the beast, and the false prophet both under the leadership of Satan.   In preparation for the One World Order the International Monetary Fund already has a one world money in place as  discussed on their website, SDR, and they are prepared to use it.


The nonsense from President Trump and his advisors that the ever increasing trillions of dollars of national debt can be refinanced is totally ludicrous.  To do this would result in the American taxpayers bearing the  financial burden in the form of higher taxes.  The delusion that the Federal Reserve can print the Dollar into oblivion and not have a world wide economic collapse is either sheer stupidity on their part or their evil plan to run the economy into the ground and crash the economic system driving us into a depression exponentially worse than 1929.  All one has to do is look at Weimar Germany in which one US dollar was worth 4,210,500,000,000 German marks in 1923 due to Germany printing the mark into oblivion as the U.S. Democrat Socialist and now President Trump are now embracing.  

Printing the German Mark into oblivion resulted in their hyper inflation that drove Germany into destitution and we will face the same situation if the Federal Reserve continues with their saturation of the currency pool with US digital fiat dollars by adding trillions of dollars into the economy almost daily.  

Being able to create digital fiat dollars in a computer into oblivion is only possible because we have allowed our government and the Federal Reserve to violate our constitution, Article 1, Section 10, which mandates we have a gold and silver standard.  A gold and silver standard would prevent the currency manipulation (printing the dollar into oblivion) because gold and silver are tangible assets, they cannot be entered as digits into a computer, and are a set quantity (there is only so much gold and silver in the world and they cannot be manufactured).  Additionally although silver can tarnish, gold cannot be destroyed.  Gold and silver were created by God when our world was created and what we can hold in our hands and what is left in the ground is all there is.   A gold and silver standard would give our economy stability which it does not now have under the current fiat system.  Nation after nation has created fiat currency systems since the beginning of time to enable them to manipulate their economies and they have all failed both as economies and as nations.  

All fiat systems fail.  A Gold and silver system will not fail because it is a physical, tangible asset that cannot be duplicated.


President Trump and his advisors  insistence on a zero and/or negative interest rate is absolute absurdity. It will result in a further impoverishment of the American people.  At zero percent interest rate anyone who has their savings in a bank will earn zero interest and if the rate goes negative, the bank will charge that person to keep  their money on deposit.  Think about it, they charge you to put the money you earn in the bank, and then they take the money you deposited, lend it out to others and charge those people interest on your money.  The bank then keeps the interest they made  on your money.  It is a racket.
When the debt bubble bursts, and it will, and the stock market crashes by 97% and the liquidity (cash) goes to zero, the banks will freeze all currency. This means you and I will not have access to any of our cash.  Think about this and what we need to do in advance of this event to prepare.

In summary an economy out of control and the corona virus are huge problems we are now facing and we need God's help to resolve them.

God is on the side of the oppressed and He destroys the wicked and intervenes on our behalf but only if we ask for His help (Psalms Chapter 9).  God is the Sovereign of the Universe, creator of all things and in ultimate control but He has given us free choice and will not intervene unless we, as a Nation, ask Him to step in and take action.  He does not want to see America destroyed.  He loves America and Americans as well as all of mankind.  He loves our souls but hates our sin because He knows sin will destroy us.  We must ask God to intervene and we must get back on the gold standard. 

A gold standard and a free market economy rather than the Soviet Union style Central Planner economy run by the Federal Reserve will give our economy stability.  It is possible and can be done.  

The United States has been built on a free market economy, not the Central Planner economy the Federal Reserve is trying to force upon us.  For them to do this is undemocratic and unconstitutional.  

A gold and silver standard and a free market economy must be established not only to save our nation but to save all nations from certain destruction and destitution.  The US dollar is the most prevalent currency in the world today and all nations are invested in it.  If we allow this collapse to happen it will not only destroy our economy but the economies of all nations.  God has blessed our nation and made us a mighty people but He does not play favorites and will hold us accountable if we allow this fiat monetary system to collapse our economy and that of the world.

What we have seen so far in the stock market decimation is only the opening salvo for what is yet to come when the debt bubble bursts.  The trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve continues to add to that debt bubble will make the crash that much more devastating.  It will crash all economies worldwide. It will make the crash of 1929 look like mere child's play.  This insane financial path we are currently on must be stopped.   1929 Stock Market Crash

America's founding fathers knew how destructive fiat currency (i.e. paper/digital currency) would be and that is why they wrote  Article 1, Section 10 into the United States Constitution.  Americans must Rise Up, and with God's help, stop the Federal Reserve, Wall Street Banks, and our Federal Government from their present course of action and regain control of our government.  We must get  back on the gold standard.   We Americans are a strong, independent, honorable people who cherish our freedom and our democracy and we refuse to tolerate this absurd fiat/digital monetary system that is destroying our nation.  Rise up America and let your voices be heard.  We will not stand for this!

We need to stabilize our monetary system. This financial crisis is all due to the fact that we have allowed our federal government to violate our United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 10.  

American needs to get back on the gold standard.  It can be done, and it can be done quickly.

America, Let's Get Our Federal Government Back On Course.

Simplified Explanation of U.S. Economy & Debt Ceiling

The Corona Virus is a pandemic and may circle our globe more than once before a vaccine is found to combat it. Pandemics are not new to us.  We have beat them before and with God's help we will beat this one as well. We should not panic and live in fear but take precautions to contain it and mitigate our risk of contracting it.  Be kind to one another and help each other out through the coming days.

Trust in GOD and seek His help and guidance in all things.

Psalms 91


The question is not "Is God on our side?" but rather "Are we on God's side."  Joshua 5:13

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