With the technology and capability this nation possesses, there is absolutely no excuse for any error or fraud in a National Election.  Voting is one of the most precious freedoms Americans possess and to have a National Election called into question for fraud is intolerable and inexcusable. 

It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to ensure every National Elections is conducted ethically and accurately - ensuring, and assuring, all American citizens they will receive their ballots, be able to cast their votes, their votes are received, and counted accurately. To have our elections called into doubt by our citizens is deplorable and is a deep stain of shame on our Federal Government.

Voter and election fraud in this country is an attack on our National Sovereignty and therefore  a treasonable offense with the potential penalty of death for those convicted. 

Additionally, any foreign nation interfering, with, or attempting to manipulate, our elections will not be tolerated and will be held to give a most severe account.

Election/Voter Fraud