​​The Solution - Reignite American Capitalism:

For the United States, my answer is the forges of United States Free Enterprise Capitalism with Fair Market Price Discovery must be relit to enable our economic and financial systems to embark on a strong recovery.  Capitalism in America has not reached the end of its run and if allowed to operate unhindered, it never will.  The Federal Reserve must stop conducting QE and interest rate suppression.

Are corporations obtaining loans and hoarding the money due to the uncertain economic outlook?

Are banks afraid  to lend to small businesses,  entrepreneurs and foreign businesses and governments because they perceive them  as too risky in the current US and global economy? 

For the US, small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the US economy and are what free enterprise is all about.  Henry Ford and Thomas Edison started out in this fashion and look at the impact these two had on not only the US but the entire world! 

Our corporations and businesses were the first to put men on the moon which was a very risky business venture but they did it anyway. 

Was there any more risk then than there is now?  The only certain future we face now is collapse if we continue on our present course.

If corporations are hoarding cash, I encourage them to start investing their cash in future business ventures in Americas free market capitalistic system with fair price discovery.

I encourage lenders to take a chance on  small business and entrepreneurs and help this country light the forges of free enterprise again!

As President of the United States I will support Free Market Capitalism with Fair Market Price Discovery.

Free Market Capitalism