Supreme Court vs God:

Because God is the Sovereign of the Universe, Judge of All Creation, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Immutable, Perfect, Incorruptible and Eternal and the United States Supreme Court is not, I will support God’s laws and decrees over those made by the Supreme Court. GOD'S VIEW

Iran Nuclear Deal:

The Iran Nuclear Deal threatens the safety of the United States, our allies and the world.  I will work with Congress to overturn this agreement and stop the  production of nuclear material that can be converted into nuclear weapons for Iran.  


Securing Our Borders:

Securing our borders is a chief responsibility of the federal government and a national security issue. I believe in strict enforcement of our immigration laws and border security to end illegal immigration.  It’s not complicated and it can be done.​


 I believe termination of a pregnancy should be allowed only when the mother would die as a result of the birth.  In this case, the decision to terminate the pregnancy should be made solely by the mother.  Instances of pregnancy caused by rape, incest, etc. are the result of our society’s moral failure and should be addressed separately and not through abortion.

Protecting Our National Security:

As Commander in Chief, National Security is a chief responsibilities of the President.  I believe in securing and protecting our nation's classified information, defending our nation against cyber attack and supporting  our hard working military's ability to protect and defend our nation with the tools and resources they require.


Promoting Fiscal Responsibility - National Unemployment Rate:

The money you earn belongs to you, not the federal government.   I will work with Congress to establish permanent tax cuts, oppose wasteful government spending at every level and empower American private sector job growth enabling all Americans to find meaningful employment reducing the national unemployment rate and strengthening America.

​​Fixing Healthcare:

Obamacare passed by Congress is not the answer.  In fact, it will destroy healthcare in America raising cost and reducing coverage.  We need to repeal and replace this critically flawed federal healthcare plan.

I support common sense healthcare reform that will lower costs, preserve quality, end lawsuit abuse and maintain coverage for all Americans including the millions who are currently uninsured.  

I believe that good people working together can draft new legislation that will hold down costs, eliminate abuses and assure quality care for every American, from seniors to young families -- without creating a huge financial burden for future generations.

ON THE ISSUES -Private Sector Job Growth

Protecting and Promoting Private Sector Job Growth:

The best way to protect and promote our manufacturing, small business, agriculture, educational, technical and health services jobs in the United States is by solving the problems that all-too often come out of Washington D. C.  I will end wasteful spending, high taxes, and excessive regulation and empower the innovative spirit of America.

Protecting Our Rights:
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights spell out our freedoms but only our eternal vigilance guarantees them. I will fight to defend all of our rights including the Second Amendment because gun ownership is not just about hunting; it’s about individual liberties and personal protection.