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  • Paij can trace her American heritage back to her ancestors who fought for freedom:
    • American Revolutionary War,
    • War of 1812,
    • Civil War,
    • World War II. 
  • Her ancestors immigrated from England and France to the East Coast of colonial North America. 
    • As pioneers, they migrated through
      • Pennsylvania,
      • Indiana,
      • Kentucky,
      • Tennessee, 
      • Georgia
      • Kansas,
      • Oklahoma and
      • Texas
  • In the 1880s her maternal grandfather moved by train and covered wagon as a youth  from Latrobe, Pennsylvania to Penalosa, Kansas  where they farmed, operated a cane mill and lived in a sod house. 
  • At 24 he rode in the land run of April 1892 on the Cheyenne-Arapahoe Strip. 
    • He staked his claim near Kingfisher, OK.
    • Single handedly defended his claim against  would be claim jumpers in a gunfight. 
    • Built a house, barn, and farmed the land he claimed. 
  • Paij's paternal great, great grandfather was Dr. Jesse Boring,
    • He was a Lawyer,
    • Preacher, and
    • Doctor in the American Civil War. 
    • He was instrumental in establishing the Orphans Home in Georgia in 1871 following the Civil War. 
      • The Orphans Home is now the Methodist Children's Home in Decatur, GA.  
  • Paij's father joined the Navy prior to WWII.
    • He was at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked. 
    • As radioman, he ran across the compound to his station the morning of December 7, 1941.
      • Aircraft strafed the ground as he ran killing many of those who ran with him.
      • He made his way to the radio room where he sent the message to US submarines, including his own, the Dolphin (SS-169), lazing off the coast of Hawaii taking on sun and fresh air: 

"This is not a drill.


Japan is attacking Pearl Harbor


  • After the war he joined Boeing Aircraft Company where he became the Boeing Test Integration Engineering Manager for the Apollo 11 spacecraft for our Nation's historical first lunar landing ~

“The Eagle Has Landed”

Paij's Background