Paij's Background



To choose the best candidate, it is important to know the people you are voting for to lead our Nation.

  • Paij can trace her American heritage back to her ancestors who fought for freedom:
    • American Revolutionary War,
    • War of 1812,
    • Civil War,
    • World War II. 
  • Her ancestors immigrated from England and France to the East Coast of colonial North America. 
    • As pioneers, they migrated through
      • Pennsylvania,
      • Indiana,
      • Kentucky,
      • Tennessee, 
      • Kansas,
      • Oklahoma,
      • Texas, and
      • Georgia.  
  • In the 1880s her maternal grandfather moved by train and covered wagon as a youth  from Latrobe, Pennsylvania to Penalosa, Kansas  where they farmed, operated a cane mill and lived in a sod house. 
  • At 24 he rode in the land run of April 1892 on the Cheyenne-Arapahoe Strip. 
    • He staked his claim near Kingfisher, OK.
    • Single handed defended claim against  would be claim jumpers in a gunfight. 
    • Built a house, barn, and farmed the land he claimed. 
  • Paij's paternal great, great grandfather was Dr. Jesse Boring,
    • He was a Lawyer,
    • Preacher, and
    • Doctor in the American Civil War. 
    • He was instrumental in establishing the Orphans Home in Georgia in 1871 following the Civil War. 
      • The Orphans Home is now the Methodist Children's Home in Decatur, GA.  
  • Paij's father joined the Navy prior to WWII.
    • He was at Pearl Harbor when Japan attacked. 
    • As radioman, he ran across the compound the morning of December 7, 1941.
      • Aircraft strafed the ground as he ran hitting others who ran with him.
      • He made his way to the radio room where he sent the message to US submarines lazing off the coast of Hawaii taking on sun and fresh air: 

"This is not a drill.


Pearl Harbor is under attack


  • After the war he joined Boeing Aircraft Company where he became the Boeing Test Integration Engineering Manager for the Apollo 11 spacecraft for our historical first lunar landing 

“The Eagle Has Landed”