Paij's Presidential Qualifications



The President must convey strength and wisdom to our citizens and the world. This person must be experienced in resolving complex, real world problems. Simultaneously, this person must be able to maintain a steady, unwavering grasp on the national and international situation. We are currently lacking this Leadership.

  • Paij is a successful business woman.
    • Degrees in Business and Engineering,
    • Background in both large and small business, education and agriculture
  • Has worked with International governments:
    • Italy,
    • Japan,
    • United Kingdom.
  • She has a proven ability to deal with politically charged, complex issues through her international work and U.S. businesses and governmental agencies.
    • Department of State,
    • Department of Defense,
    • National Security Agency as well as others. 
  • Her steady, analytical approach makes her uniquely qualified to represent the citizens of the United States .

Through her business experience, Paij has developed the following  abilities  that uniquely qualify  her  for her role as President of the United States:

  • Communicates strategic vision domestically and internationally.
    • Leads to achieve those strategic  goals.
  •  Collaborates with domestic and international stakeholders and peers .
    • Resolves issues and Builds a path forward.
  •  Plans and executes large, complex national goals.
  • Identifies and mitigates potential risks and existing issues.
  • Recognizes opportunities and turns them into reality.
  • Ensures  plans are executed -
    • Efficiently,
    • Professionally,
    • On Schedule and within budget.
  • Builds through  bridges with stakeholders and peers through collaboration and negotiation.
    • Resolves political opposition through clear, concise communications.
      • Listens for understanding.
  • Negotiates to achieve desired national goals and achieve agreement between all invested parties.
  • Builds trust with stakeholders and peers.
  • Inspires others to achieve visionary goals.
  • Builds strong relationships domestically and internationally.
  • Leads by example.
  • Leads with integrity.