Presidential Qualifications


Through her business experience, Paij has developed the following  abilities  that uniquely qualify  her  for her role as President of the United States. 

- Communicating strategic vision domestically and internationally and leading to achieve those strategic   goals.

- Collaborating with domestic and international stakeholders and peers  to resolve issues and build a path forward.

- Planning and executing large, complex national goals.

- Identifying and mitigating potential risks and existing issues.

- Recognizing opportunities and turning them into reality.

- Ensuring  plans are executed efficiently, professionally, on schedule and within budget.

- Building collaborative bridges with stakeholders and peers  -  resolving political opposition through clear, concise communications and listening for understanding.

- Negotiating to achieve desired national goals and achieve agreement between all invested parties.

- Building trust with stakeholders and peers.

- Inspiring others to achieve visionary goals.

- Building strong relationships domestically and internationally.

- Leading by example.

- Leading with integrity.